Nikoleta Lozanova Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s New GirlFriend?

Bulgarian Model Nikoleta Lozanova is the new girldfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid Superstar. Rumors say they are dating, after Ronaldo contacted her on Instagram, where she has 196k followers.

Here are some pictures of Nikoleta Lozanova, the new Cristiano Ronaldo GirlFriend:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nikoleta Lozanova
Nikoleta Lozanova Cristiano Ronaldo
Nikoleta Lozanova New Cristiano Ronaldo Chick
New Ronaldo Girl Nikoleta Lozanova

In Decemeber Nikoleta went to Spain with Venelin Kondakov who posted photos of dinner with Ronaldo. Seems like the meeting between Ronaldo and Nikoleta Lozanova was not completely random, it was prearranged.

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